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Retail $7,000.00

  • Goerend extreme duty triple disc converter
  • Sonnax 23 spline billet input shaft
  • Sonnax 23 spline billet output shaft
  • Sonnax billet intermediate shaft
  • Goerend billet SFI flex plate
  • Goerend constant pressure full function or full manual valve body with apply reg lock up
    • *47re will require a 48 pump stator. Additional $200
  • Goerend deep pan kit
  • Goerend billet front servo kit
  • Goerend Belleville spring kit
  • Sonnax billet front servo cover
  • Goerend billet accumulator
  • Goerend 3.8 lever kit
  • Super Tech billet rear super servo
  • GPZ clutches
  • Kolene steels
  • 7 clutch black alto OD
  • Kevlar 2nd gear band
  • Thrust washers, bearings, seals, gasket, filter, exc.
  • 1000hp rated, hot street/race

1000HP Transmission DIY Kit

  • Free shipping on all DIY transmission kits

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